VersaPresenter is an iPad based application for marketers to manage, deploy and present engaging content for product marketing and sales. The app is structured to allow search and presentation of content including PDFs, audio, and video.

Feature List

  • User levels and access control
  • Web based Product Marketing Material Management
  • Presentation Content Library
  • Presentation Sequencing
  • Reporting
  • Deep analytics

A simple to use mobile presentation tool, with content powered by a dynamic content management system, VersaPresenter, allows content managers to easily deploy and update content for their sales and marketing teams to be ready with the latest information in the field.

Regular field sales and marketing teams are required to carry large folders or presentation materials on most of their visits and most material is pre-printed and static, which makes engaging customers a difficult job. In addition, reports are recorded manually and are filled after hours causing delay in reporting. With teams usually in the field, updates to marketing material is difficult and costly to roll out.

VersaPresenter provides a solution to this! The tool is used by sales and marketing professional to improve their visit planning and customer interactions. The presenter can has instant access to latest content for marketing and can successfully execute upon marketing campaigns in the field, while management gets increased tracking to evaluate effectiveness of marketing content and presentations. VersaPresenter provides better utilization of the sales and marketing teams field time and enables higher communication engagement by providing anytime, anywhere access to fresh and critical information.

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