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Who we are

Unique Computer Systems is a full-service multi-disciplined application development and digital communications service provider specializing in design, development and implementing mobile and web solutions for a range of industries.

Unique Computer Systems Web & Mobile Application Development Company

Web & Mobile Application Development

Unique Computer Systems Systems Integration Services

Systems Integration Services

Unique Computer Systems Packaged Software Products

Packaged Software Products

Unique Computer Systems provides both ready to deploy mobile solutions and custom development to help forward thinking enterprises transform their business processes for a mobile ready world.

We have successfully delivered our solutions to several FMCG, Distribution, Retail and Pharmaceutical businesses who saw mobility and digital communications as a core necessity for continued business growth and performance.

Unique Computer Systems provides three primary services:

  • Digital Communications and Line of Business Mobility Solutions
    Provision of packaged software for omni-channel communication, information and data management, business process enhancement and integration services.
  • Web and Mobile Application Development
    A core activity of Unique Computer Systems through which we address design, development and deployment of bespoke mobile and web software solutions for vertical and horizontal business sectors.
  • Custom Development and Systems Integration Services
    Provision of services for complete mobile and web development, API/Backend data services planning and development, software and hardware infrastructure planning, services alignment, and value enhancement by bringing together disparate systems and processes.

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Our Commitment

Unique Computer Systems is known for its outstanding customer service and financial stability. Our management team is committed to the philosophy that customer satisfaction is the key to growing and maintaining our business.

Unique Computer Systems offers knowledge and experience that is truly unique in the technology market.

Unique Computer Systems strongly believes in sharing our experience and knowledge with our customers to help them generate better business value, improve resource productivity and enhancing technology investment and usage.

Delivering Value through Experience

Unique Computer Systems has accumulated a wide array of expertise in the area of software solutions development as well as digital communications.

With its staff of professionals and well-trained employees, specialized in various areas of information technology and solution delivery, Unique Computer Systems has implemented numerous solutions catering to its customers' varied needs.

The expertise and knowledge of our employees is witnessed in providing mobile and web technology solutions correlated with business analysis and project management experience.

We further supplement our years of experience with a commitment to on-going training and skills enhancement by allowing our employees to experiment with and learn new technologies and platforms.

Unique Computer Systems understands your individual business needs and the demands of the marketplace, and has the ability to map your requirements to our business productivity and digital communication solutions along with the expertise to seamlessly integrate them with your existing back end systems, while providing advice to ensure acceptance is gained from the workforce.

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