Manage meaningful and informed relationships for success in Pharmaceutical Product Marketing.

PharmaWorx features

  • Time based call planning
  • Customer Detail management
  • Products and Samples Management
  • Real-time KPIs for Sales and Marketing analysis

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PharmaWorx helps to close the loop between marketing activities and customer feedback by offering real-time data capture and customer responsiveness, thus enhancing the overall relationship with the customer.

Med Reps that use PharmaWorx can make a planned or informal visit to a doctor's office, instantly switch on their iPad or Android tablet and present product information to the doctor along with completing previously recorded tasks or capturing notes for the current visit, as well as drop off samples. If a doctor is interested in a particular image, video or brochure, the med rep can mail the content directly from the iPad to the doctor's email while still at the doctor's office.


The solution is flexible and can be easily integrated into any Enterprise Resource Planning or Supply Chain Management solution for immediate and up-to-date access to business information.

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