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Enterprise Mobile Productivity relates to extending access to enterprise activities and data in a secure and efficient manner to a mobile workforce for increased workforce efficiency.

Our enterprise mobile apps enable companies to extend their

Line of Business (LOB)

functions and data to the field where the sales and support teams can effectively use them and to maximize productivity, accurately collect data and provide the right service to the customer at the right time.

UCS provides the following mobile productivity solutions:

In addition to enabling secure, remote access to data and functionality, our enterprise mobile solutions also bring value through improvement of existing business processes by using features on mobile devices, such as Geo-location, bar code scanning, and wireless connectivity, to improve workflows in a mobile context.

To account for unreliable connectivity, our apps are built with online/offline caching from the start. Our sync processes are tailored to securely and reliably share data with legacy enterprise systems. They are tested and upgraded to address new device and data transmission capabilities.

Data is recorded at important touch-points to provide an up-to-date picture of actions taken by the sales force in the field and transferred to backend systems to provide management the required information for business productive decision making.

Contact one of our experienced sales executives to assist you with evaluating our solutions and to take a look at how we can help transform your business processes for a mobile ready world.

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