Reson8Direct is an Email Campaign Management System is a web based application with an easy-to-use interface for managing your email groups, creating email templates, creating email campaigns, scheduling and reviewing broadcast campaigns.

Reson8Direct features

  • Contact Management and Segmentation
  • Professional Design through Templates
  • Powerful Campaign Management
  • Built-in Image Library
  • Dynamic Survey Tool
  • On-demand reporting and analytics

Reson8Direct Newsletter application

Contact Management and Segmentation

Individual Contacts - Use Reson8Direct's Contact Management tool to create and manage unlimited number of email contacts along with deep customer profiles. Use the search tools to quickly locate and update information stored for a contact. Custom fields are provided to store additional information not part of the standard field set. Change the status of contacts from ACTIVE to INACTIVE to DO NOT MAIL based on recipient preferences and opt-in status.

Contact Groups - Campaigns can be sent to contacts in grouped lists. Each contact may be profiled and added to multiple lists. Lists may be edited or archived when necessary. Lists may be exported to excel for update or reporting requirements.

Add/Import - Reson8Direct allows to create contacts using a simple web interface or through import process from Excel files. When importing contacts are automatically updated if matched with new data from the import sheet. New contacts are added along with associated field data.

Reports - Multiple reports are available to view status of contacts and the communication that has been sent to the contacts. Reports show all the campaigns received by the contacts along with date of receipt, status of contact. Reports are available to check number of successful and failed campaigns to each contact in order to filter invalid or dead email addresses

Professional Design through Templates

Professionally Design Templates - Reson8Direct, with the base installation, includes several professionally designed templates. If required, users can also have their designers create new personalized templates and upload them through a simple template management interface. Templates can be embedded with content place holders to allow campaign creators to easily place content within the allow regions of the template without affecting the design and layout of the template. Templates may be created for email campaigns as well as surveys

Powerful Campaign Management

Campaign Creation - Single click access to campaign creation is available directly from the dashboard to allow users to quickly create campaigns using built-in templates. When creating campaigns, users may enable of disable addition of footers to the campaign and even change the footer and sender email to be used for the communication. Reson8Direct includes a SPAM scoring module to evaluate the campaign for its possibility of being identified as SPAM. Users are directed to remove any content or reformat the content to reduce the filtering of the campaign by SPAM filters.

Flexible Content Creation - Users can add their own text and images. Using the built-in WSYIWYG editor, text styles, alignment, formatting as well as a append hyperlinks and alt tags to images can be edited. Images can be aligned or resized as needed to fit the content and layout. Mail-merge fields are available for quickly personalizing communication to all recipients.

Approval Workflow - Email communication is a core communication channel and inappropriate or incorrect email content can cause severe damage to a company's reputation. Reson8Direct includes a multi-level workflow to allow for campaigns to be reviewed and corrected prior to broadcast. Users may create campaigns and save them for approval by content reviewers or senior managers. An escalation process is also available to make sure approvals are received so that campaigns can be broadcast in a timely fashion. The approval status of each campaign be reviewed along with details on the approver and time of approval

Hands-free Broadcasting - Campaigns may be sent immediately or setup for scheduled delivery at a later time and date. Campaign status is updated in real-time and once broadcast is complete, users can review and measure results of the campaign via reports.

Reports - Reson8Direct provides detailed reports to analyze the success of the campaign. Each campaign can be drilled down on for number of sent, bounced, opens, and forwards. Details on the reasons for bounced emails can also be determined to better manage the contact groups and lists.

Built-in Image Library

Multiple Formats - Upload and store image content in multiple formats. Images available in the image library can be reused for multiple campaigns

Dynamic Survey Tool

Survey Creation - Create surveys with a variety of response options (Text, multiple choice, Yes or No, Matrix, etc.) and invite respondents via an email campaign to participate in the survey. Surveys can be time limited and results are calculated and presented in pre-built reports. Surveys can be built using built-in templates or you can upload your own templates for content layout

Pagination and Branching - Surveys can be paginated and branched to simplify content presentation and using branching logic, respondents can be directed to questions based on specific answers

Survey Promotion - An easy link is provided to preview the survey prior to sending it out for responses. Links to live surveys can be embedded in emails, web pages, blogs, social media posts. Respondents are automatically led to the survey and can complete it within the browser

Survey Reports and Analysis - All data collected from the surveys is catalogued and summarized for reporting. Using the built-in reports, customer feedback and choices can be evaluated and understood for future marketing and operational activities

On-demand reporting and analytics

All reports can be exported to Excel or even automatically emailed to designated members. Exported data can be used in reports or for further analysis. Reports are part of each module and are unique to the module.

Support and Services

Reson8Direct is backed up back strong customer support and services from Unique Computer Systems. Our team can assist with managing contact lists, designing templates, creating campaigns, managing email campaigns and generating reports for you.


Reson8Direct is a professional email campaign management system for direct one-to-one marketing. It is flexible and can be easily customised to suit your requirements.

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