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A leading coffee distributor gave its engagement strategy a jolt with Reson8

A leading coffee distributor gave its engagement strategy a jolt with Reson8


A leading coffee distributor in the Middle East wanted to automate the process of sending delivery confirmations and notifications to their customers while offering the customers an easy way to schedule or reschedule the deliveries.

Previously, the company confirmed orders manually via telephone calls as they did not have an automated process in place to track orders and delivery schedules.

This system was not only time-consuming but also hard to track as the orders piled up which led to errors and confusion within the various departments.

The company’s three main goals are to provide top-quality coffee products, create innovative and stylish products and offer an exclusive, personalized service to its clients.


The coffee industry is a booming business. Despite the presence of numerous marketing tools, SMS remains the most ideal way of connecting with customers at a deeper level.

To communicate with their customers seamlessly and eliminate the need for manual effort the client approached Unique Computer Systems to come up with a solution.

One of Unique Computer Systems' main product is Reson8, which is a powerful digital communications engine, enabling organisations to provide messaging facilities using their existing infrastructure and line of business applications. Reson8 is capable of delivering a fully personalised and customised solution to meet the varied needs of every organisation.

The main goal for the client was to create a transformative experience for its customers. The company wanted a process that is highly customer focused and easy to use. Overall, they wanted to leverage the power of SMS to deliver a compelling brand and meaningful omnichannel experience.

To automate the delivery notification process Reson8 APIs were integrated with their ERP system -Microsoft Dynamics 365. Since the client wanted to send order notifications directly from with their online shopping portal the APIs were also integrated with the portal.

With this integration, the client could easily capture customer locations and keep a track of deliveries that were scheduled or rescheduled allowing for an even greater experience.

How Reson8 Helped?

The company used Reson8 to send customers automated delivery notifications via SMS which included a unique URL to easily keep track of customer responses. The order confirmation process was very simple and easy to do.

Once the customer clicked on the unique URL they were taken to a custom response form which enabled them to quickly schedule or reschedule the deliveries. This integration also enabled automation from their warehouse management system for order dispatch and order completion activities.

Using custom webhooks, data received in customers responses were submitted to the ERP. This allowed the company to easily track changes in deliveries and orders to avoid any errors.

Unique Computer Systems made it easy for the client to manage the collected data by displaying it in the form of easy-to-read and analyse reports.


This integration helped the company save a great deal of time spent on the need to manually manage orders by automating their delivery notifications, simplified the delivery process and also improved the overall experience for their customers.

Implementing the easy to use, accessible, and lucrative services of Reson8 the company was able to build a deeper bond with their customers

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