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Alphamed Group, Dubai

Alphamed Group, Dubai

Alphamed Group selects Pharmaworx for its sales order management

The Alphamed Group is diversified into a wide variety business activities with focus in retail, distribution and automotive sectors.


Alphamed was looking to move away from a paper based approach to its sales order management and improve its field sales processes and customer service levels.

The first division to implement these changes would be the Pharmaceutical division and if success was met with the first implementation then it would be extended to the FMCG and other divisions.


UCS worked with gathering complete business requirements from Alphamed and modeled the application to their requirements. The backend application, was developed to meet the route management, product organization, lot management, information dissemination and reporting needs of Alphamed.

The mobile client application was developed to provide ease-of-use to salespeople and allow for fast order taking.

Sales people would be able to plan their monthly routes, view completed and in progress sales orders, sell accurately based customer credit levels and collection status. Sales Orders could also be prepared and modified on the mobile client along with signature capture and shipment planning.

In addition, a survey module was added to assist with gathering field intelligence and a voice and notes module was added to allow capture of voice or customer interaction notes during customer visits.


Alphamed’s Pharmaceutical Team was prepared for the Field Sales Order Management system and quickly and adopted to the mobile field sales solution in a very short period of time. Management also provided the right incentives for faster uptake of the system by existing and new sales personnel.

Normal sales and delivery times were cut from 24-48 hours to 6-8 hours!

With success observed in the pharmaceutical division, the system was soon implemented for the FMCG division.

An updated promotion edition of the system was custom developed for the skincare division in 2009

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