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Dr. Nicolas & ASP Centre

Dr. Nicolas & ASP Centre

Dr. Nicolas & ASP extends its Kodak R4 Dental Management System with an SMS based response system and automated appointment confirmation.


Dr. Nicolas & ASP, a progressive institute in the local healthcare industry, had worked with Unique Computer Systems in the past to add alerting to its Kodak R4 system to notify clients of their appointment dates.
The initial implementation was successful and enhanced the value offered to patients and saw an increase value and timeliness being associated with appointments. Clients would receive appointment reminders and call the administration or call support to confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments.

There were a few issues with this enhancement. The call support was available during normal working hours and sometime customers would want to call and make changes to appointments after hours. The volume of incoming calls would sometimes overwhelm staff and would result in reduction in customer service.
Post its experience with adding the reminder facility and positive feedback from clients, Dr. Nicolas & Asp wanted to evolve its alerting system into a 2 way communication channel to allow customers to respond to appointment reminders with a confirmation.


Dr. Nicolas & ASP highlighted that update to its Kodak R4 implementation allowed for incoming emails to allow for changes to appointments.

Solution Information


  • Leading dental institute and training facility
  • Multiple branches and increased volume of patients Solution



  • Kodak R4 Dental Management System
  • Reson8 SMS Server


  • Conversion of email to SMS
  • Outgoing SMS tracking
  • Receive incoming responses
  • Collate responses
  • Prepare response email for Kodak R4
  • Submit email to R4

Using documentation and information from Dr. Nicolas & Asp and its Kodak R4 vendor, Unique Computer Systems developed a 2 Way messaging solution on its Reson8 SMS Server that would effectively track all outgoing SMS associated with patient appointments.

Patients receiving SMS messages would be requested to respond to the text messages which would be collated on the receiving end and convert them into an email to be updated to the Kodak R4 system, which would in turn update the status of the appointments.

The complete process was implemented and tested with varying response messages to confirm accuracy and timeliness of appointment updates. The solution was then rolled out to all branches of Dr. Nicolas & ASP.


  • Increased responsiveness by clients for appointment reminders
  • Reduced follow up calls by staff
  • Reduced work load on administrator staff
  • Increased value attached with the brand
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increase in value derived from existing systems

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