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Emirates LNG – AssetTrax

Emirates LNG – AssetTrax


Manually cataloguing and supervising the assets in an organization can be mundane and extremely time consuming. Mass-cataloging all assets within an organization will enable the organization to track asset assignment, rental, transfer, depreciation, disposal and audit to protect the organization’s investment and property.

Emirates LNG chose UCS to deploy AssetTrax to help better manage their IT assets.


Emirates LNG realized that it would need to transform their existing manual asset management process into an asset management solution to be able to

  • Track an asset’s complete lifecycle
  • Improve visibility and traceability for an asset
  • Track costs associated with maintaining each asset
  • Make the asset management process flexible, mobile and easy to use

These were seen as the key objectives in order to make asset management a swift and timesaving process.


Unique Computer Systems deployed AssetTrax for Windows to help Emirates LNG achieve their asset management goals. The aim was to provide:

  • An application to control and manage mobile and fixed assets
  • A configurable solution to integrate industry best practices to improve overall management
  • A solution that can deliver up-to-the-minute insight on any asset about its real-time information to enable easy decision making for management.

AssetTrax included the following modules:

  • Asset Library
  • Asset Management
  • Dashboard and Reports
  • User Management

Apart from the base features of AssetTrax, customization was done to provide

  • A report builder to generate different reports as per the requirements of the end user.
  • A provision to recycle the assets which are disposed and also to be able to recycle the assets which are nearing their end-of-life. <back-end report screenshot>


Post implementation of AssetTrax, Emirates LNG was able to get a concise dashboard view for its IT assets. Management can now view and easily dispose or recycle assets ranging from desktop and mobile computers and laptops to monitors and keyboards. It is all possible within a few clicks and asset management has been made possible in a time-saving and cost effective manner.

With the changing mobile landscape and the emergence on new preferred mobile operating systems for enterprise solutions, UCS has ported AssetTrax to Android to enable organizations to take advantage of new lower cost devices which support Google mobile OS. AssetTrax on Android is now widely available.

Assettrax on Mobile

For more information on AssetTrax, click here.

About Emirates LNG

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Emirates LNG LLC is a joint venture company formed in 2012 on a 50:50 basis by Mubadala Petroleum and the International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC). The company was established to meet the growing demands of the UAE economy and the country's increasing need for efficient, secure and clean energy.

About UCS

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Unique Computer Systems is an application development and a system integration company specializing in mobile and web technologies. Unique Computer Systems specializes in three primary segments: Mobile and Web Application Development, Systems Integration, Products and Services.

UCS is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, with partner offices in USA, UK, South Africa, India and Singapore. We offer knowledge and experience that is truly unique in the technology market.

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