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Making business processes more efficient with WhatsApp Business API and Reson8 Conversations

Making business processes more efficient with WhatsApp Business API and Reson8 Conversations

About the Client

The client is a UAE born and bred, affordable luxury, and high-quality home furnishing retailer and has operations in Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan and Tunisia with a total of 33 stores across the Middle East and North Africa.

Challenges Faced

The client used services like SMS, Emails and Call Centre Support required for its customer communications to keep up with its delivery service due to a massive increase in sales and customer service requests via their stores. To support the surge of digital shoppers following up on their purchases and to make sure deliveries were properly scheduled, the client turned to Unique Computer Systems multi-channel messaging automation platform, Reson8.

The company intended to automate their customer engagement model to automate their order delivery service and UCS supported them to build an advanced tool using WhatsApp and a custom build chatbot with conversational AI to significantly reduce the strain on their human support team while providing their customers with instant support.

By setting up a WhatsApp Business Account that would provide a well understood channel, the Client was able to alert them of an upcoming delivery and request their confirmation for the delivery date and time or to reschedule their delivery.

Customers interacted with the automated conversational bot, to plan their delivery date and time. The bot was relayed this information to the internal system for delivery planning.

The chatbot was also trained and configured to provide support general information such as store locations, timings, product availability and other general inquiries.

Through the process of improvement and enhancement, the chatbot, working without the help of live chat agents, solved 85% of customer issues, increasing their team's first response resolution rate. For the inquiries where the chatbot was not able to provide a valid response, customers were given an option to send a query via email.

With successful automation of the delivery planning which was of highest priority, the client was positive towards extending the solution with Reson8 Conversations to engage the support team to provide immediate access to agent for supporting queries that the chatbot was not able to address.


The client saw the success in deploying an automation using WhatsApp and an AI chatbot to support their delivery process, while saving hours and months of work, and improve customers and their logistics team’s satisfaction while doing so.

Nearly 100% of the delivery planning activities are now handled via the chatbot and are getting good customer feedback.

For more information and support to launch your automation for customer communication or process enhancement, take a look at Reson8 Conversations and get in touch with one of our sales team members.

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