Case Studies

Samsung Gulf uses Reson8

Samsung Gulf uses Reson8

Unique Computer Systems provides Short Code based SMS campaign to Samsung for DSF 2010

UCS successfully completed Short Code 2 Way SMSfor Samsung Gulf.This 2010 DSF Samsung announced a promotion “Who will be the winner of a Samsung Home?”. Contest allowed public to buy any Samsung product and receive coupons based on the purchase amount, then SMS the Serial number of the Coupon to 6992.

UCS implemented 2 Way messaging on Reson8 SMS by setting up short codes for the campaign, The incoming messages were validated to check the right Voucher at Reson8 SMS Server and sends an appropriate message to the Sender.

Unique Computer Systems successfully develops and integrates Reson8 SMS for Samsung Fun Club

UCS completes development of the messaging interface which will be linked from the Samsung Fun Club(SFC) website to allow members to send SMS.Reson8 SMS validates promotional voucher of SFC members who will be granted access to the messaging interface and allows SMS messaging from the interface.

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