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Engaging Customers through cross-channel digital marketing

07 January, 2015

Modern marketing specialists are facing new challenges when trying to reach their audiences through the growing number of media channels and devices.

Their intended audience engage with content on different devices and platforms and rarely review the complete communication on a single device. The recipient of an email may first open it on his mobile device in the morning, reopen it for reading it on a tablet during the office commute and later refer to it again on the desktop for activating an call-to-action links.

In addition to having the communication view on multiple screen sizes, they also need to make sure that the information is made available through direct mail, social networks and text messaging to address the preferred viewing platform for the audience.

As an forward looking organization having a holistic view of your target audience is important in order to connect with them at every moment of opportunity. Tools are now available to allow these organizations create a 360 degree view of their customers, assessing level of engagement, time of engagement, and mode of engagement of the marketing communication.

Tailoring your digital communication for an audience that functions over multiple devices and multiple channels is an essential upgrade to your digital communications strategy for 2015. If this is done correctly, the marketing message can generate the desired results and help in increasing engagement with the organization and nurturing an engaged audience.

Several steps need to be taken to making sure that the audience's attention is captured, maintained and enhanced on all digital platforms and devices.

1. Build a responsive web site

2. Design communication content

3. Recognize the audience through different screen sizes or platforms

4. Share communication through multiple channels at the same time

5. Recognize and analyze engagement with content on different platforms

6. Enhance and tailor communication based on the recipient specific channels of interaction


Reson8 email and SMS communication solutions ( have now been extended to provide better connectivity to social and direct messaging channels. Marketing campaigns can be tailored for email, SMS, and social networks at the same time and can be tested for performance across all these channels. Campaigns, once approved, can be targeted to desired audience sub-sets and can be broadcast from the same interface. Interactions by recipients can be collected and combined reports can be generated to analyze levels of response across the selected media channels and effectiveness of the campaign.

Cross-channel digital marketing is a complex activity and needs to be addressed effectively to maintain interest with audiences and to share the correctly prepared communication via each channel. While each channel may be difficult to handle individually, using tools that help combining the audience, message and reporting are at hand and can help make the task simpler.

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