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Interesting News To Catch Up On This Week

06 March, 2016

Google open-sources EarlGrey, its iOS apps testing tool

Google announced today that it has open-sourced EarlGrey, a piece of software that developers can use to more easily build and run user interface tests on source code for iOS apps.

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Now You Can Edit Google Docs With Your Voice

On Wednesday, Google added voice recognition capabilities to Google Docs which can be used to edit and format documents using their voice. The documentation in Google’s Help Center highlights that this is currently available in Chrome browsers and can be used to send commands such as "Select paragraph," "italics," or "Go to the end of the line."

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Visa is adapting its Visa Ready mobile payments platform to bring secure payments to IoT

The Visa Ready Program for Internet of Things now provides IoT device manufacturers with a path to embed secure payments into their connected devices

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