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Interesting News To Catch Up On This Week

20 March, 2016

Microsoft joins the open source community

Microsoft has joined the open source Eclipse Foundation as a Solutions Member. From today, open sources its Team Explorer Everywhere Plugin for Eclipse on GitHub and offers Azure WebApp support in the Azure Toolkit for Eclipse. Microsoft also will support the Azure IoT Suite in the Eclipse Kura framework for the Internet of things.

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Heineken USA leveraging beacon technology to enhance brand value

Check out the video above to hear about how Heineken is using proximity-based marketing to increase sales

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Coca-cola looks at a more integrated vision for its technology driven connected world

Coca-Cola is redoubling efforts to connect and manage all its beacon enabled touchpoints and Internet of Things to try and make it easier for consumers to purchase its brands over the competition

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Messaging App Bots and Chat bots are the hottest new topic of the year

Chat bots or virtual assistants are the hottest new topic of discussion. Chat bots are programs that respond to natural language text and a recent TechCrunch article stated: “Chat bots are small programs that integrate with a chat platform and provide some advanced type of functionality in a fairly easy fashion.” Facebook is getting ready to announce its Messenger Bot Store which will be powered by its secret Chat SDK for building messenger bots.

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