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Interesting News To Catch Up On This Week

08 May, 2016

Gartner reports that consumers are valuing apps over devices

As per a new report from Gartner, devices are becoming more like commodities, while consumers focus "more on what they can do with them" using apps and services. The author of the report noted that total spending on personal technologies to reach $2.7 trillion by 2019, up from about $2.4 trillion in 2015

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Google Chrome today was crowned the top Internet browser, officially ending the long reign of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE).

NetMarketShare calculated the Chrome had 41.7 percent of desktop browser share in April, narrowly topping the 41.4 share for IE.

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Microsoft working on beautiful hover gestures for more responsive interactions

Microsoft had been planning to use a number of sensors on the sides of a device to detect how a phone is held by grip. In a very interesting video, Microsoft Research demonstrates the different hover touch interactions and how the smartphones responds, seemingly intuitively to the gestures.

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