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Interesting News To Catch Up On This Week

29 May, 2016

Google unveils smart home product at Google I/O

Google introduced a smart speaker called Google Home to compete with Amazon’s Echo. Google Home is a voice-activated assistant that manages your everyday tasks, plays music, and can answer complex questions.

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SensorUp launches first OGC SensorThings platform

SensorUp says this will enable developers and IoT firms to accelerate the creation of standards-compliant IoT products and services – by allowing for the combination of data from various sensors collecting different types of data.

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Android may begin to offer password-free IDs

Google is working on security tools that would take advantage of a smartphone's sensors to use a user's typing and walking patterns, location and other factors to develop a "trust score" identification.

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Allo, Allo – Google’s new mobile messaging app, uses machine learning to help you auto-respond to messages

Google announced Allo — its new mobile messaging app which uses machine learning to understand what a shared photo depicts and to suggest rich natural language replies that the user can tap to send.

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