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12 June, 2016

Mesh has unveiled a range of hardware tags for DIY IoY developers, with a focus on the smart home

MESH is a tool that let you explore the world of IoT (Internet of things) using everyday objects. The tags currently come in seven different flavors and integrations with the ever-popular IFTTT platform and Gmail are currently available, and the necessary API links with the device platforms are available.

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Microsoft’s Sprightly app lets you create professional designs from your smartphone

Sprightly is a product emerging from Microsoft Garage to quickly create and design content like fliers, coupons, catalogs, price lists, e-cards and more, as well as quickly share them across social media.

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A fifth of point-of-sale transactions to be mobile by 2021

Smartphone and tablet-based mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) terminals will handle nearly 20 per cent of all retail transactions by 2021.

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