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ProTeus V Enterprise at Burj Al Fateh

17 November, 2008


ProTeus V Enterprise was recently selected by the operations and management of Burj Al Fateh in Khartoum, Sudan to provide preventive and demand maintenance automation for the hotel.

A sleek architectural masterpiece of steel and glass, Burj Al-Fateh Hotel redefines the business hotel category, seamlessly combining form with function, high technology with unparalleled luxury and elegance with efficiency.

Burj Al-Fateh complex sits on the meeting point of the Blue & White Nile River, and is in the centre of Khartoum’s commercial, business, and administrative districts. It stands as a highly visible statement of the country’s growing economic success.

The Burj Al-Fateh operations management staff was primarily concerned about keeping the facility well maintained and matching international standards in safety and property management. Using ProTeus' built-in capability of multi-cycle scheduling and the optional HVAC PM Tasks module, the operations staff was able to setup preventive maintenance schedules faster.

The installation was successfully completed by Unique Computer Systems, which also trained all operations staff on the usage of the software to provide optimal maintenance services within the premises.

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