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UCS completes deployment of Customer Coupon System

27 December, 2009

UCS completes deployment of Customer Coupon System for NC Beverages

UCS is happy to announce that it has successfully developed and deployed customized solutions for NC Beverages in Kampala, Uganda to automate their bottled water distribution business through the use of a Customer Coupon System.

The new system uses bar-coded coupons and barcode scanners to track and trace the accurate and efficient delivery of bottled water for NC Beverages entire customer base.

The solution was developed using innovative bar-coding technology which prevents duplication of barcodes and also deters theft or loss of coupons while empowering sales people to achieve their sales targets in an efficient manner.

Management can easily gauge the sales team&'s performance and identify problem areas and remove bottlenecks to further improve customer satisfaction and enjoy increased revenues.

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