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UCS implements Siteworx- Onsite Workforce and Materials Management Mobile Solution

01 January, 2010


UCS implements Siteworx- Onsite Workforce and Materials Management Mobile Solution

Providing timely information on manpower, machinery, and materials deployed to worksites is critical to today’s construction site project management.

A leading Contracting Company in Abu Dhabi, selected the SiteWox - Onsite Workforce and Materials Management Mobile Solution, from UNIQUE COMPUTER SYSTEMS, to help it manage over 200 of its worksites.

The contracting company has anywhere between 50 to 500 employees deployed to several sites throughout the UAE. Tracking employee’s time and presence at each project site is a time consuming and daunting task. “SiteWox was chosen due to its ability to be customized to our needs and to be deployed in the field for data gathering from our remote sites.”

UNIQUE COMPUTER SYSTEMS worked jointly with the client’s IT Team to define the customizations needed to address their business processes and aligned Siteworx to fit these requirements.

Siteworx was also enhanced to capture barcode scans for employee cards at fixed locations for check-in and check-out facilities at the client’s headquarters, workshops and other locations.

Direct integration with the client’s ERP system enabled Siteworx to receive updated project information and assignment of employees to projects and relay this information to mobile computers used by onsite timekeepers to record employee attendance & punctuality.

Onsite timekeepers were empowered to quickly scan and collect data using powerful mobile computers and then transmit this data using GPRS connectivity to a central server for processing.

Data collected to the field could then be reviewed by Project Managers and onsite Supervisors to assess employee performance using a web portal. It is also used for generating data for payroll calculation process.

Through rigorous testing and constant support, UNIQUE COMPUTER SYSTEMS has helped the client enhance their field data collection process and ensure timely arrival and performance of project employees.

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