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Unique Computer Systems FZE joined with Terraine, Inc.

04 October, 2009


Unique Computer Systems FZE joined with Terraine, Inc.

KNOXVILLE, TN, September 30, 2009 - Terraine Technology announced today that Unique Computer Systems FZE, headquartered in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, has joined the Terraine Technology Partner (TTP) program. This newly created program has been designed to increase the sales presence of Terraine by building a network of qualified value added resellers. These resellers are carefully selected to expand Terraine’s reach in both specific geographic regions and specific markets. By joining the TTP program, Unique Computer Systems FZE helps Terraine in both of those areas. Unique Computer Systems FZE is an application development and systems integration company with a heavy focus on the development and deployment of mobile applications. This, combined with their strong presence in the Middle East, makes them a very strong partner for Terraine.

“We are extremely excited to have Unique Computer Systems FZE join our Terraine Technology Partner program. Their strong market presence, extensive IT experience and successful business history makes them a great fit for our TTP program” – Jim Young, President – Terraine, Inc. Additionally, Manish Bhatia, CTO of Unique Computer Systems FZE , states “Operating and maintaining large facilities and projects requires continuous monitoring and accurate data capture; Using Terraine’s extensive experience and advanced data collection and reporting platform, UCS plans to fast track development of custom data acquisition & visualization solutions for field assessments, regulatory compliance and enhanced reporting. UCS is proud to be accepted into the TTP program.”

Terraine, owner of the Adesso Technology Platform, specializes in the development of cost-effective solutions for automating and improving data collection with or without Internet connectivity. Terraine uses Adesso to easily customize applications that are built specifically for each client’s needs. This makes applications unique and functional for our clients. The Adesso system has benefited clients around the world in many ways, including improved data collection quality, accuracy, completeness and efficiency.

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