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Al Seer Trading Agencies

Implementing DigIsal has streamlined the operations of Al Seer to a more efficient, reliable, and competitive Distributor in the FMCG landscape.

Project Summary

Unique Computer Systems provided a solution designed to conquer the last-mile beast. They implemented DigIsal, a powerful Android mobile application specifically designed for last-mile delivery management. DigIsal, integrated with SAP HANA (the distributor's ERP system), addressed their pain points.

Project Details

Client Name Al Seer Platform Category Mobile Application
Case study Field Sales Automation – Customer Success story

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Project Description

The partnership between Unique Computer Systems and the leading UAE FMCG distributor has yielded a recipe for success. DigIsal, with its customizability and integration capabilities, has streamlined operations, enhanced visibility, and empowered drivers. This translates to a more efficient, reliable, and ultimately, a more competitive distributor in the dynamic FMCG landscape.By implementing Unique Computer Systems' solution, the leading UAE FMCG distributor has revolutionized its last-mile delivery operations, experiencing significant improvements.

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