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Bayara SalesWorx Android

Bayara used SalesWorx to empower their field sales reps by providing them with the required information and keeping management updated on the teams field sales performance

Project Summary

Bayara implemented SalesWorx as their Field Sales Automation Solution for their Direct Store Delivery division in UAE

Project Details

Client Name GYMA Platform Category Mobile Application

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Project Description

Bayara, a leading manufacturer and distributor of FMCG products in the UAE, implemented SalesWorx to help expand their direct sales business effectively and easily track the sales and collections done by their team in real-time.

Bayara uses SalesWorx for their van sales to plan customer visits, manage returns and payment collections.

Additionally, Bayara uses SalesWorx to manage presales ordering and for their merchandising operations to capture information about stocks in the warehouse and on the shelf.

SalesWorx is integrated with Bayara’s ERP, through which key information required for daily operations is made available to Field Sales Representatives for their daily sales activities.

With tailor-made bonus structures, Bayara is not only able to increase their revenue, but are also successful in achieving better market reach.

With the help of the powerful reports available in SalesWorx, Bayara’s management is able to make sound business decisions.

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