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City Centre Clinic

City Centre Clinic wanted to increase customer happiness and improve service via direct feedback from customer surveys and feedback forms

Project Summary

Learn how City Centre Clinic used a feedback management system, built on UCS’ core survey engine; Reson8Direct, to collect feedback from patients.

Project Details

Client Name City Centre Clinic Platform Category Mobile App

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Project Description

UCS developed a custom feedback management system to allow City Centre Clinic, a healthcare facility based in the UAE to enhance its customer engagement and collect information and responses from its patients.

An iOS based app presents feedback forms and surveys that can be created and updated when needed from a central survey management web application.

The app uses Reson8Direct Survey, which helps to conduct market research, collect customer feedback and capture leads.

Reson8Direct as a versatile tool for running customizable customer feedback surveys.

Surveys can be in created in any language and format. The survey supports questions with various response types like text, multiple choice, matrix responses and image selection. Using branching logic the survey even includes a skip option based on the response selection.

The gathered data can be analysed instantaneously through a centralised dashboard using data reporting and visualizations. Responses can even be collected offline in case of Wi-Fi unavailability or sketchy connections to be uploaded to the server at a later time.

The survey can be setup at fixed locations or at multiple venues to gather information from visitors. Reson8Direct Surveys allows the user to create unlimited custom

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