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Ittihad Drug Store

Ittihad Drug Store found the right tool; SalesWorx, for its advanced field sales management, pharmaceutical marketing and assisting brand ambassadors in achieving their goals.

Project Summary

Ittihad Drug Store implemented SalesWorx to provide the medical marketing team with the required support and information needed to improve field sales and overall performance.

Project Details

Client Name Ittihad Drug Store Platform Category Mobile App

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Project Description

UCS successfully helped implement SalesWorx for Ittihad Drug Store, a leading distributor of pharmaceutical products in the UAE.

The solution being; providing the medical marketing team and brand ambassadors with the required information and systems support by reducing information duplication, achieving required number of Med Rep to Doctor Calls, Compliance by Classification, and field coverage.

Using the brand ambassador extension, med reps could give product demonstrations to customers and mark it as a sale if a purchase was made.

The application was integrated with Oracle ERP and included a sales and marketing module as well as well.

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