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Mobile Sales professionals need up-to-date information and critical facts and figures anywhere, anytime. Making your sales force more productive and streamlining sales force processes will increase sales, increase efficiency, and decrease costs, thus creating a competitive advantage for your business.

Mobile Field Sales Management Solution

  • Sales cycle efficiency
  • Customer responsiveness
  • Productivity of your field sales reps
  • Management's visibility of field sales activities and profitability metrics

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Enhance your field sales

Mobile Sales Force Automation is a key requirement for fast-moving businesses today. Unique Computer Systems' integrated solution for mobile field sales can increase your field sales representatives' effectiveness and productivity while reducing their downtime, by providing faster, easier and up-to-date access to their business critical information on enterprise systems, corporate databases and applications.

SalesWorx is a top quality mobile sales solution that offers customizable customer & product information & customer visit management - a complete tool optimized for field sales professionals.

It addresses the needs of your mobile sales and distribution workforce by putting critical customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) data in the hands of mobile sales representatives and empowers them to conduct effective field sales and distribution activity in an efficient and accurate manner.

Options include mobile sales order management, inventory auditing, call support, collection, returns, signature capture and customer survey management.

SalesWorx empowers your mobile sales professionals to be more responsive to customers by conducting activities such as checking inventory, quoting prices, and accessing current product information during the customer meeting.

Communicate faster, Sell more
In addition, sales professionals can eliminate menial tasks and reduce the delay in sending accurate information about customer meetings and orders back to the home office by utilizing their mobile devices at the point of activity.
As a result, customers are more satisfied, the information gathered is more accurate, sales cycles are shortened, and revenues are increased.
Unique Computer Systems offers an Application Framework for a mobile sales force, which ensures rapid application development and easy customization based on requirements.

Better planning, Better reporting
Along with field sales, SalesWorx also addresses the planning and reporting requirements of management, through a responsive and flexible backend system, to assist them in better overseeing the performance of the mobile sales force and offers instant insight on areas for coaching individual sales performance.

A flexible solution
SalesWorx - a customizable field sales automation solution to enhance the field sales process and provide effective reporting and tracking for management - supports the workflow of the field sales representatives and meets the reporting needs of management through a number of highly integrated functional modules:

Functional Modules

The solution is flexible and can be easily integrated into any Enterprise Resource Planning or Supply Chain Management solution for immediate and up-to-date access to business information.

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