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Digital Communications - broadcast SMS, Email, social network messaging - have become crucial for organizations to adopt to stay connected to their growing online and mobile consumer.

Unique Computer Systems has developed two very powerful solutions to address these communication channels - Reson8 and Reson8Direct.

Reson8 is a SMS message delivery platform which offers capabilities to send and receive SMS, schedule marketing campaigns, automate operational messaging, and extend legacy and enterprise systems with automated SMS for alerts and information.

Unique Computer Systems has setup direct communication interfaces with several mobile operators to enable it to successfully and speedily deliver high volume campaigns and quality of service message delivery. Unique Computer Systems also backs this up with a communication to high quality support and service arrangement to make sure our clients get the best messaging experience and value for their investment.


is available as a cloud hosted service, as a complete Enterprise solution and as a free SMS API to connect with corporate information systems and line of business applications for automated messaging.


is a web based Email Campaign Management System with an easy-to-use interface for managing your email contacts, creating email templates, creating email campaigns, scheduling and reviewing broadcast campaigns.

To learn more about Reson8 and Reson8Direct and to request a quote, click here.

Take a look at some of the successful Reson8 projects implemented by Unique Computer Systems.

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