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Strategic multi-channel marketing to enhance HCP engagements and product knowledge sharing

Strategic multi-channel marketing to enhance HCP engagements and product knowledge sharing


A global, research and science-led Biopharmaceutical Company wanted to enhance their digital communication process, and share product and research information using efficient, cost-effective methods and better align with HCP expectations and needs.


Recent research has tried to best understand how physicians and pharma sales teams interact using digital methods and tools. Research from leading educational resources for physicians has highlighted that, given the current low face to face interactions due to COVID and increase in usage of digital methods by physicians, sales reps from biopharmaceutical companies are seeing their impact diminish as hospitals and healthcare practices restrict access. Therefore, marketing and sales interaction practices for pharmaceutical companies need to be tailored to use more digital media and address the needs of their clients.

Multiple studies have shown that in the past few years, HCPs (Healthcare Professionals) turn first to digital sources when seeking clinical information to influence their decision making. Today feedback from these digital touchpoints enables responsible sales and product marketing teams in biopharmaceutical companies to understand the needs of individual HCPs – and then share information with them based on their consent, their chosen methods of accepting the information and the most suitable time for their positive interaction with the content.

As one of the highly effective and timely digital methods, SMS has revolutionized business marketing because of its undeniable reach and ability to personalise interactions through the ever-present mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, for new drug information and research.

By seeing the value in this method, our client wanted to create a convenient and efficient way for their sales representatives to engage their regular clients and prospects by providing them consent based and timely information of products post introductory visits.

To find the best combination of what, when, how the content is to be shared and that best it address the needs of the customer, Unique Computer Systems (UCS) helped in designing a digital marketing strategy to understand the target audience’s needs, preferred channels and preferred time to receive valuable information. UCS, with their experience in web applications and digital marketing tools was selected to design the process flow and touchpoints to providing custom digital solutions.

The primary tool to address the requirement, was Reson8, an effective and easy way to send interaction, approval, notification and marketing messages. Using Reson8’s REST API, the client’s CRM system was integrated to formulate automated messages, with links to product information, to be sent to the doctors based on their consent, via Reson8’s SMS engine, post face to face visits or telephonic interactions. Each SMS included a one-time URL to the desired content. The URLs were also coded to easily track when and how the content was accessed, thus helping sales and marketing teams to assess effectiveness and value of the content shared.

Reson8 served as a platform for the company to send out personalised messages to the HCPs, with control and ability for customization of all the messaging templates content. To adhere to the compliance policy of the company the links shared via SMS, were designed to expire once the content has been viewed so they could not be reused by parties for whom the content was not indented. Each SMS message was sent with an opt-out option to enable the client to run ethical campaigns and provide the option to the HCPs to put a hold or opt-out of receiving future content.

Unique Computer Systems also helped in developing individual microsites to display product information and media prepared by the product management team. Post face to face meetings and interest from the HCPs, sales reps could send links to videos of product, information on samples, and product details via SMS. Custom APIs for campaign analysis and to sync contacts from the CRM system were developed to help in enhancing the company’s digital marketing strategies.

Based on planned strategies, new microsites could be developed and campaigns could be released to share information at a geographic level over time to align with their product availability and interest, and help in driving the interested parties through knowledge and acceptance process more effectively.

Unique Computer Systems also made it easy for the client to measure and assess message delivery, analyse the campaign’s results and HCP interest levels, by providing custom reports with deeper analytics and statistics. These reports are routinely used in order to gauge the target audience’s perception of the microsites, the message shared in the campaign and to secure feedback from the targeted HCPs.


Based on feedback from the client and their CRM team’s review, they have received a higher response using Reson8 SMS compared to earlier email communications. Also, if a sales representative sent the SMS message to the doctor or physician immediately post the meeting, the response was found to be higher than compared to sending all messages together at the end of a day or at the end of the week in a bulk, as the doctors that were met earlier in the day or week might have forgotten about the visit and the key points shared. By triggering the SMS communication immediately, which would prompt a more active viewing and interaction with the message, sales reps would be able to achieve specified goals in a more proactive manner.

Reson8 also helped to automate the process of receiving acceptance from the contacted HCPs by saving the opt-in, opt-out, non-interaction with introduction messages. UCS developed automated customized monthly reports in Reson8 to send campaign engagement statistics, opt-outs and opt-in data to a secured folder box by email for the CRM system to import for deeper data analysis derived from interactions at the HCP level, and to help update the customer database and to prompt sales reps to follow up with those physicians and provide them with more detailed information.

A new opt-in template and process was designed to allow sales representatives to search for contacts that have not opted-in to receiving product information and resend requests to these contacts on a delayed basis to rekindle their interest and provide consent.

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