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Boosting Productivity, Revenue and Employee Loyalty with Automation

Why automation?

We live in an era where the need for automation is at an all-time high. It not only decreases the need for manpower but it also increases the efficiency and productivity levels.

Automation plays a huge role in field sales as it automates the business tasks of sales, like order processing, information sharing, inventory monitoring, order tracking, customer management, sales forecast analysis and employee performance evaluation.

The solution – SalesWorx!

SalesWorx is a leading field sales solution.

Field automation solutions help B2C and B2B sales organizations derive helpful market insights to boost sales for their businesses. SalesWorx synchronizes field sales teams spread out across the geographic regions to their headquarters and allows for easy access to information that helps them act on time.

Getting your field sales team to be more productive, and improve their performance for better ROI is more than filling orders on the field.

Your choice of field sales solution should be able to help your sales team be more informed about their customer’s preferences, their sales and marketing visits, products sold to customers, payment collections and much more.

SalesWorx has enabled companies to consider all aspect of field sales that were previously kept on the back burner.

Sounds like an exaggeration?

Have a look at the infographic below showing how automation of the field force helps your organisation be more productive and achieve way more than your competitors.

SalesWorx Infographic

How SalesWorx adds value to your sales force automation initiative?

For In-the-Field Reps:

SalesWorx is an innovative, platform-independent, feature-enriched field sales automation solution. It has a simple, easy-to-use, highly informative interface with all the information being graphically displayed on easy to read dashboards for quicker understanding and better decision making support.

This makes it very easy for the field reps to get access to information in real-time, check order histories and run credit checks. Client interactions will be more productive and fruitful with the field-reps being knowledgeable and well-informed.

SalesWorx also provides reports for the reps and management to view which reduces omissions, inaccuracies and other possible errors.

The reps can gain more knowledge from the field and feed the business intelligence pipeline with time-critical information such as stock levels, competitor pricing, changes in customer profiles or product requirements to help the forecasting and analysis processes.

By automating highly repetitive tasks, SalesWorx reduces the need for the reps to perform labour intensive tasks like manually creating order summaries or compiling sales reports and enables them to be more productive.

For Management:

SalesWorx provides meaningful insights and analytics to get the sales process sped up. Eliminating any possible delays and issues reduces the chances of losing prospects and closing deals.

A server-based module provides for planning and approval of salesforce routes and visits with the option for time-based planning. Routes can be planned for specific dates or even copied from one month to the other. This improves productivity and, planning for customers can be done based on customer classification thus reducing over-visiting situations.

Once approved, routes are relayed to each sales reps mobile device based on their synchronization schedule. Interactive reports are available to provide real-time status on sales visits, orders taken and information on customer interaction notes.

SalesWorx provides managers with insightful data that allows them to easily track their on-field reps in real-time, evaluate their performance and know the goals are being achieved. Up-to-date information and reports help managers easily track and manage; stock, deliveries and collections made.

In Conclusion

SalesWorx has become an asset to companies who need to track their on-field teams and monitor their productivity. With SalesWorx a lot of work can get done in a small time-frame, while helping you cut costs, boost efficiency levels and keep your team agile, happy and productive.

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