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A slow and inefficient receiving and issuing process can affect the entire supply chain cycle and result in an underperforming logistics department. The usual culprits are inadequate resources, shortage of time, increased workloads or incorrect use of technology and excess use of paper to maintain audit information of the process. A WMS system like StockTrax […]

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Master Security, an established provider of security and cleaning services to several buildings and facilities throughout the UAE, has successfully implemented SiteWorx from Unique Computer Systems to help it enhance the level of its services and set a new standard in facilities maintenance. SiteWorx, a mobile client server application, was customized to meet the requirements […]

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Short codes are 4 or 5 digit numbers allocated by a telecommunication operator for a company which would like to send messages directly from the SMSC (Short Messaging Service Center). In plain terms, it provides a direct connection to send large volume messaging from the telco’s servers. They are widely used for television programs and […]

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