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Field marketing made simple with SalesWorx


Field marketing is one of the conventional approaches in direct marketing, and it is still the most effective form of marketing.

Field marketing is different from other forms of direct marketing as it involves direct face to face interactions with the intended audience and may require the field marketer to provide information, demonstrations, material and record feedback during the interactive discussion. People often tend to respond more effectively in face to face interactions, than to messages and articles received via emails, social networking, printed ads, television or radio ads as more knowledge can be imparted in a shorter time and responses or queries can be handled immediately.

Undoubtedly, field marketers are integral part of your organization. But, is their task simple? Are they equipped with enough materials? Are they happy carrying around the bulky brochures, catalogs, charts, and graphs? Are they able to manage their time efficiently? Is their manager able to keep track of their activities?


Unfortunately, the answers to above questions are usually no or not sufficiently.

The main challenge that the field marketers usually face is managing their contacts and the right content availability for these contacts. They often fail to organize their contacts effectively and end up missing out high potential customers. Even if they do have a good database of their customers, they are not able to be ready with sufficient historical data based on their past interactions with these customers or the likes and needs of the same customers.

This is exactly where the significance of the Marketing module in SalesWorx comes into picture!


SalesWorx is an iOS application which gives you a complete field sales and marketing solution. It comes with an effective contact management and route planning module. It makes sure that you don’t miss out any of your valuable sales leads, and allows the marketers to plan the route at their convenience.

SalesWorx records the customer location coordinates during marketing visits to assist in customer location validation and effective route management. With customer contact information, historical visit details, marketing reps are empowered with needed information to engage customers in a productive conversation.

SalesWorx also provides access to managed content and media such as product images, brochures, data sheets, videos and interactive presentation, so that the marketing rep doesn’t need to carry a compendium of paper brochures or CDs for effective demonstrations and presentations. Content Managers can easily replace or update content directly on the web based CMS and marketing reps will get to use fresh content when updating their iPads.

To support pharmaceutical marketing reps, SalesWorx also includes sample management features so that samples given to customers can be tracked for auditing. Every visit can end on a successful note, with the marketing rep capturing meeting notes and future tasks during the visit activity before exiting the customer location!


SalesWorx captures every activity a marketing rep performs; the time spent waiting for a customer, the time spent performing face-to-face interaction, the notes taken, the To-Do tasks created, demonstrated products, demonstrated media, and much more. Since all the information is shared with the superiors, it eliminates the hassle of creating daily, weekly or monthly reports. The supervisors and managers are provided with a wide range of reports, which meets their needs in determining productivity and market reach.

SalesWorx is very user friendly. It has a simple and highly informative user interface. All the useful information is provided graphically for quicker understanding. SalesWorx is basically a sophisticated field sales automation system. Field marketing is a module available in SalesWorx, targeted for marketing representatives. It helps your organization to improve productivity of your employees, monitor and manage them better. What matters the most is that, it markedly simplifies the effort you and your team needs to put into your field marketing efforts to meet management goals and deliver on KPI.

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