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Field Sales Automation – Customer Success story

Al Seer is constantly setting new benchmarks in FMCG distribution! Al Seer is one of the leading FMCG distributors in the UAE and Oman.

Al Seer covers a broad range of product categories and sales channels providing distribution services for a spectrum of channels across retail, pharmacy, and out of home.

Al Seer needed to automate its day-to-day field sales activities for both its van sales and pre-sales teams and the ability to integrate this SAP in order improve their sales order management and market product distribution.

Al Seer Trading Agencies

Al Seer was looking to automate and enhance its field sales operations and provide more visibility of field activities to management.

Al Seer also wanted to eliminate menial paper-based tasks conducted by its sales professionals and reduce the delay in sending accurate information about customer visits and orders back to the home office. They also wanted its field sales team to be more responsive to customers by conducting activities such as checking inventory, quoting prices, and accessing current product information during the customer meeting.

For management, engaging and informative dashboards were needed to get a macro-level of business division performance as well as the ability to drill down to the activities and performance of individual sales persons

UCS implemented its premium field sales automation solution, SalesWorx, for Al Seer Trading Agencies for both the pre-sales and the van sales teams.

SalesWorx was integrated with SAP and allowed for transacting customer, product, stock and other master data and sales, and returns transactions from the field.

Everyone from the field sales/van sales team to the supervisors, the finance manager and division managers were able to get to be in the loop of the business process and get visibility of how sales were being conducted, targets being achieved and collections being made. SalesWorx was able to help take care of traditional features like load-in, load-outs, sales, collections, inventory reconciliation and promotions in real time. With a better planned route and adherence to the plan, both sales rep and the organization were able to see an improvement in coverage as well as sales performance and these can be evaluated through management reports in SalesWorx BackOffice.

Van sales for Al Seer is the backbone of supply chain management for their Direct Store Delivery (DSD) business units. With the implementation of SalesWorx, Al Seer has been able to improve customer satisfaction through effective route management, improvement on product and MSL implementation.

Using the iPad and Android based mobile apps, sales reps were able view their daily sales achievements and plan on increasing their sales output or addressing specific customer requirements. Reports on orders taken, performance of sales to address individual customer targets, value of orders collected help the sales reps to plan out their sales visits and coverage till the end of the month. Using the backend detailed reports, managers could also view product movement, sales rep movement, achievements versus targets and individual sales performance to assist their sales teams to achieve the sales targets and customer satisfaction.

The following benefits were some of the core achieved through the implementation of SalesWorx:
• Apply Deals and Promotions in a dynamic manner
• Extensive sales reports and visibility of sales teams achievements in the market
• Automated Field Activities
• Complete order taking and invoicing
• Near Real time information sharing
• Van Inventory Visibility
• Route Planning

Al Seer successfully rolled out SalesWorx for both its pre-sales and van sales team in phases, both for UAE and Oman. Management was able to see the success through enhanced visibility of the team’s performance and the customers happiness in dealing with the team.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to supercharge your field sales operations. Join the ranks of successful businesses already leveraging SalesWorx to empower their sales force, elevate their results, and forge lasting customer relationships.

Try SalesWorx today and unleash the full potential of your sales team. Let’s transform the way you sell!

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