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How responsive email design has changed the game

Email design

Responsive email designs have completely change the game in terms of email marketing. A responsive email design is when the email automatically adapts to the device on which the message is being viewed. They display optimally across all screen sizes, OS and browsers.

Though responsive emails have been around for a long time a lot of marketers fail to adopt it. In today’s fast-paced world users will instantly delete an email or unsubscribe if it doesn’t load quickly or display correctly. This is a huge issue and can ruin the efforts of an email campaign.

42% of emails are opened on a mobile device, proving we live in a mobile-first world. If you have ever checked your mails on the phone you know the experience can vary from amazing to awful. An email can look awesome when displayed on a computer screen but can become hard to read, with small fonts and a broken layout when viewed on a phone screen.


The growth of mobile is only one part of the unfolding story of responsive email design. Currently, there are so many options in terms of screen resolutions, operating systems and web browsers that designing responsive, attractive emails is no longer optional but crucial.

With a number of responsive email design techniques available today, marketers have a number of options available to control the look and feel of the emails across various platforms and devices to provide a uniform brand experience.

E-mail Options-Mobile,Desktop and Webmail client

Increasingly, users are ‘always connected’ via their mobile devices. This gives email marketers a powerful opportunity to reach prospects, wherever they may be, in a really timely manner.

It can become very easy to get fixated on perfecting your responsive email design for specific devices and lose track of the bigger picture. Focus on creating a fluid email design that can be used to cater to a combination of devices, resolutions and operating systems.

If you would like to know how responsive email designs can increase your click-through rates and drive sales get in touch with us!

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