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Re-imagine Application Management to Increase Operational Value: A Case Study of a leading UAE Conglomerate

AW Rostamani wanted to use an interactive tool to help them engage visitors and candidates that would like gain internships in AW Rostamani and work towards fufilling career in the organization.

AW Rostamani is a leading family owned business in the UAE and has a portfolio of 14 companies includes leading multinational brands in seven diverse sectors: automotive, real estate and construction, retail, logistics, information technology, travel and consultancy.

AW Rostamani was looking to engage visitors to the annual career fair and provide an easy way for interested individual sign up for career opportunities in the organization.

UCS worked on developing an iPad app for registering applicants at the career fair and to validate and save data locally on the iPad. Once connectivity was available the data would be sent data to a web application using web services to provide administration view and allow AWR HR to view daily applicant list, search and review registration

The application would also initiate the sending of SMS and email to applicant confirming receipt of registration data and to provide an Applicant ID. The applicant can also be asked to submit CV to an email address shared via SMS and Email.

A streamlined automation to reduce the load on customer service officers at the fair and increase in providing a self-service option for interested candidates at the fair. Instead of Customer Service Officers performing manual data entry and validation or filling paper based forms, the automated process enhanced validation and easy data transmission for reporting and review and effectively improved candidate satisfaction and speed of data entry.

AW Rostamani successfully received and processed over 1200 submissions from candidates that visited the career fair and were interested in working in the organization. The resumes and data collection was automated so that no delayed manual entry was required post the event and the result data was immediately available for review and to engage the candidiates

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