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2-Step Verification via SMS

Over the past year, several leading online services have added 2-step verification to enhance the level of security provided to users who rely on them to make sure that their information is accessed only by them.

Google, Microsoft, Apple, PayPal Yahoo along with several banks have added the simple, yet effective security process to make sure that the user is authenticated before being given access to services and data. The idea being that even if someone gets hold of your user name and password, it would be difficult for them to get access to your phone.

2-Step Verification is simple to use. When a user visits a site like Google, the user would need to sign with their standard user name and password. As an additional layer of security, the user would be sent a security verification code to their email or phone via SMS (Text message). The user has to enter this verification code within a limited amount of time in order to be authenticated and given access to services and data.

SMS is one of the quickest ways to setup two-step verification. Using a service like Reson8 Online and the free APIs provided, any service provider or application developer can integrate 2-step verification into their system.

A quick call the Reson8 API to send a verification code to the registered mobile phone of the user requesting access is all that is needed to begin the process. The user will receive the text message from the valid short code or sender ID registered for the system. The text message can be delivered quickly and provides the developer with the option to view confirmed delivery of the text message in the event any review is required.

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