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Create successful SMS marketing campaigns with Reson8 HLR Lookup Services

HLR is an abbreviation for Home Location Register and is a service that lets you verify that the numbers in your database are currently in use and able to receive messages.

The main aim of companies around the world is to provide their customers with a personalized, seamless experience. Having an updated and well managed database helps businesses streamline their operational activities and efficiently cater to the requirements of their customers.

Maintaining a centralized, holistic database of information regarding the network of a mobile subscriber, whether the number is valid or active, on roaming or ported to some other network saves cost by sending SMS messages only to valid numbers.

For a unique, effective HLR service enabled with a multitude of features,
Reson8. The HLR lookup service is developed with intelligent route optimization technology to ensure the messages are sent to the right recipient at the right time without any glitches.

Our HLR lookup service provides you with straightforward number insights to help you keep your contact lists organized. Use the HLR service to validate numbers, eliminate fraudulent, duplicated contacts, and reduce your undelivered messages by cleaning your recipient lists of inactive numbers.

Benefits of using a HLR lookup service:

  • Saves time and cost
  • Worldwide lookup coverage
  • Easy to use and integrate
  • Improves revenue margins and provides better service coverage
  • Facilitates traffic and route optimization
  • Reduces number portability issues and the chances of additional costs cropping up

A well maintained contact database has a lot of benefits. Other than savings in costs, it helps you easily organize your CRM data; making it easy to segregate, navigate and target customers based on different specifications or goals.

Using an HLR lookup service is especially helpful for companies sending out a high volume of messages as it not only identifies inactive numbers, but also highlights incorrect formats and duplicated numbers, helping you validate your contact lists, save costs and keep your database clean.

Information that can be obtained in real-time using a HLR lookup service:

  • The mobile network operator to which the number currently belongs
  • The country in which the mobile network operator and customer are located
  • The Mobile Country Code, Mobile Network Code, International Mobile Subscriber Identity and Mobile Switching Center of the phone number
  • If the number is currently active, has been deactivated, was never registered, is valid or invalid
  • Whether a number is on roaming, which country it is on roaming in
  • Whether the number is switched on or has any errors that could prevent the delivery of an SMS – like, if the phone is turned off or out of coverage for an extended time

Use Cases for HLR:

Retail Outlets

Retailers can use HLR lookups to purge their databases and efficiently organize their CRM to send targeted SMS only to those customers whose number are currently active. This helps saves time and money and ensures message credits are not wasted on sending SMS to inactive or invalid numbers.

Corporates and Businesses

They can employ HLR lookups to clean and update their databases by accurately identifying which mobile phone numbers are valid, active, deactivated, switched off, or on roaming. An HLR lookup is the most cost-effective of cleaning up your data base and reducing the number of undelivered messages.

Educational Institutes

Schools, universities and colleges regularly send text messages to students, parents and alumni that costs a lot of money each year. By not knowing whether a phone number is invalid, suspended, or switched off educational institutes spend far more on communications than they actually have to. Having an updated database can vastly improve the efficiency of their communications with their target audiences and reduce costs.

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