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Fuel your business growth with effective SMS Marketing Strategy

SMS marketing is a very effective platform for communication with mobile users if used effectively by following the best practices. There are plenty of reasons for your business to consider implementing SMS marketing as a part of your overall digital communications strategy.

Fuel your business growth with effective SMS Marketing Strategy

There are some rules which are essential to execute a successful SMS marketing campaign, that can boost customer actions and improve the response rate. Here are the basic points to follow.

Keep your message short and crisp

Over 90% of all SMS messages are read within 3 minutes. However, you need to convey your message only in 160 characters. Make sure the message is to the point and delivers the purpose.

Personalized messages

Unlike other promotional marketing, SMS marketing is one that can be used for personalized messages. Make sure that bulk messages are being sent to users by addressing their names.

Make it urgent

Motivate your customers to act immediately on “Call to action” and take advantage of the deal before it expires. Fear of missing out will put the customer in inertia.

What’s in there for me?

Always focus on what will grab your customer’s attention. The simple fact about the promotional message is what is inside the box.

Make it feel exclusive (even if it’s not)

Sense of exclusivity around the offers you send to your customers makes them more loyal, even if these deals aren’t as exclusive as they appear. Turn your customers to loyal customers by sending “exclusive offers”

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