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How route planning can lead to improvement in field sales performance

Field Sales Teams tend to gravitate toward customers that can help them generate more sales and may tend to ignore “out-of-the-way” or demanding customers. Helping the sales team to efficiently create and manage their daily sales route will go a long way to make sure they address their complete customer universe and do not miss on crucial “face time” to continue enhancing their relationship as well adding to their sales numbers.

Field sales teams are always driven to keep their sales figures high and will avoid customers that may not help in boosting their sales or are excessively demanding. The consequence of this is that if they may ignore visiting these customers, they may be beaten by competition in providing the required product visibility for principals at these customer locations.

By monitoring the field sales team’s route planning and helping them improve their market coverage, managers can help improve their team’s field sales performance.

Using SalesWorx, our leading field sales solution, sales reps can prepare their monthly sales route easily by allocating customer visits based on customer classification, order history, product movement and other important factors. Sales reps can also make sure that they have planned at least one visit to each customer in their assigned customer list, which will help maintain their rapport with their customers and avoid missing out on these customers’ needs. Once an efficient route is planned, sales reps can easily copy these for consecutive months to save time and make modifications as needed.

Managers can also review these plans and provide input or adjustments to improve the plans before they are approved to be used in the fields.

Route optimization and automation features in the SalesWorx mobile app can help sales reps arrive on time and in order at customer locations. Sales reps can also visit other customers in the vicinity based on time availability or requests from customers. With a better planned route and adherence to the plan, both sales rep and the organization will see an improvement in coverage as well as sales performance and these can be evaluated through management reports in SalesWorx back-office.

Are there specific route related issues you are facing or looking to improve your route performance of your sales teams? Drop us a note to get a quick demo of SalesWorx and how we can help enhance your team’s performance.

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