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Master Security increases level of services of facility maintenance with SiteWorx from Unique Computer Systems

Master Security, an established provider of security and cleaning services to several buildings and facilities throughout the UAE, has successfully implemented SiteWorx from Unique Computer Systems to help it enhance the level of its services and set a new standard in facilities maintenance.

SiteWorx, a mobile client server application, was customized to meet the requirements of Master Security with additional processes to capture presence and presentability of security and cleaning personnel.

To prevent loss and wastage of materials on site, SiteWorx provides functionality to track and manage resources and materials on site. Personnel on site can also request for replenishment of materials using the mobile application.

To help managing the process of recording and completing work orders, a work order module was added to allow facilities supervisors to record labor, materials and tasks thus providing valuable data back to management to assess effective operations and customer satisfaction.

SiteWorx from Unique Computer Systems is a top quality mobile sales solution that offers site information and visit management along with strong reporting for management.

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