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Push Notifications – A Boon or a Bother?

Let’s talk about push notifications.

They have always been a debated issue in the UX community. We can all agree we have a love/hate relation with them. We love when our phones buzz to let us know that our Zomato order is on its way but hate when we’re woken up in the middle of the night by that alert from our app demanding that it’s time to be updated.

For marketers, they are a great way to send users gentle reminders or send them your latest offerings. However, for some users, push notifications are a nightmare which not only kills productivity but also hinders the user experience.

Push Notifications – A Boon or a Bother?

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are small messages that can reach audiences anywhere and anytime. Users don’t have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them and hence, they have become a very popular marketing tool.

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Push Notifications for Businesses

Reson8 helps you provide an incomparable customer experience at scale with highly targeted campaigns.

Connect with Reson8 to send push notifications via your app to your target audiences. Send customers recommendations, transactional information, notices and much more directly from your app to their mobile screens.

According to a study by Localytics, 52% of smartphone users have push notifications enabled on their devices.

Push notifications represent a great way to communicate with your audiences. Leverage the power of Reson8 push notifications to increase engagement and automate mobile marketing.

These actionable pop-ups can be sent by businesses at any time and for a variety of reasons for the following:

• Highlighting a special offer, promotion or coupon code
• Giving news or important information (e.g. the score of a football game)
• Reminders, order tracking or order completions
• A new update you might have missed

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How to use Push Notifications to your benefit?

1. Send customised push notifications, tailored to your users’ interest:

Make your users feel that the push notification has been sent only to them. Customise the message based on their preferences, interests and location. Ensure that you only send relevant notifications to keep the users engaged.

2. Send push notifications at the right time:

Don’t send push notifications at odd times like when the users are likely to be asleep. Determine the optimal time to send out the notifications as well as the number of times you will send them out.

Avoid sending out trivial messages or bombarding the user with 10 messages in a row.

3. Avoid jargon or long messages:

Push notifications are meant to catch the interest of the user instantly. If the message contains long explanations or unheard of jargon it will end up being ignored.

Clearly highlight the benefit or point of the push notification and ensure it is easy to grasp.

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Push notifications are a brilliant tool for delivering value to your customers, driving brand loyalty and boosting sales. Personalizing the messages based on user data makes your content relevant and keeps your customers engaged.

As push notifications are more personal than other forms of communication, they’re perfect for continuing a channel of communication with previous customers.

Reson8 provides an easy to use and integrate push notification service to ensure your marketing efforts turn into valuable results.

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