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Rise of iPad in the Enterprise

IDG Connect released the results of a new global survey on Monday, that shows 91% of business and IT professionals interviewed globally and 97%! of the respondents from the Middle East, use the iPad for work communication rather than personal communication. Another interesting point in the study highlights that nearly 25% of employers who were part of the survey provided the iPad to their employees.

In regards to the Middle East, the survey showed that 40% of all respondents always use their iPads at work with 60% of them saying that they carry their laptop less often due to the move to the iPad.

iPads are not only a cheaper option than laptop computers for employers but they’re also much more portable. If an iPad suits an employee’s business needs it may be a better option financially than a laptop. 83% of the employers surveyed also said they would not consider another kind of tablet after using the iPad.

Kathryn Cave, editor at IDG Connect International said “This research shows the tablet is fast becoming a true work device, provided by employers and used in the office for business communication. It also highlights some startling regional variations, emphasising the need for marketers to adapt content to local markets as well as new mediums.”

Other numbers included in the survey –

  • 97% of professionals use the iPad for reading
  • 70% + now buy fewer physical books and newspapers
  • 72% of iPad owners carry their laptop less
  • 66% say the iPad has partially or completely replaced their laptop

The whitepaper ( from IDG Connect which provides these observations can be downloaded from the IDG Connect website

Unique Computer Systems has maintained its focus on the enterprise solutions market and seen that the introduction of the iPad and Android tablets has shifted the preference of enterprise customers to use these devices versus rugged Windows Mobile computers which were the de facto standard for mobile applications for business functions like field sales, field service, warehouse management, etc.

The growing capability of the new tablets combined with the ease of use, price point and easy availability will continue to boost the demand for more enterprise applications on these devices.

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