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Using Sales Performance Reports to Help Improve your Field Sales

Your field sales team may not always be able to communicate their activities conducted in the field for your supervisors and managers to be able to make key decisions on how to improve their sales performance. Collecting data valuable to their interactions in the field and using these to generate clear and updated reports can help in enhancing the value of the field sales team for the organization and can boost their sales performance.

Field Sales Reps are trained to conduct their sales quickly and efficiently. Whether using pen and paper or the latest tablet based sales tools, they need to make sure that a sale is concluded positively with the customer. But there are instances where certain sales reps out-perform others. Using sales performance reports to compare and review performance as well as share this data openly with the sales team can help motivate them and set their own goals to achieve better numbers.

For example, providing a dashboard directly in the mobile app where a sales rep can assess how his daily sales achievement compares to the targets set for him, number of visits completed, number of orders written, average value of orders created, status of payments, etc. can help bolster or encourage the sales rep to improve his field performance.

On the backend, where management can keep an eye on the overall team performance, as well as drill down into individual sales performance, they can gain a better understanding of how different sales reps stand out against each other and which ones may need assistance in improving their customer interactions and performance. Using this information, managers will be able to prepare new strategies to address customer expectations or re-align existing ones to improve waning sales performance.

Detailed reports, for both the field sales team and management, can help them review best performing customers, areas, categories and products. This information can be helpful in driving key business decisions and help better coach team members.

SalesWorx, our field sales solution, provides reports for both managers as well field sales team to help them better understand their sales landscape and work on achieving the goals set for themselves as well as the organization.

Using the iPad based mobile app, sales reps can view their daily sales achievements and plan on increasing their sales output or addressing specific customer requirements. Reports on orders taken, performance of sales to address individual customer targets, value of orders collected, help the sales rep plan out his sales visits and coverage till the end of the month. Using the backend detailed reports, managers can view product movement, sales rep movement, achievements versus targets and individual sales performance to assist their sales teams to achieve the sales targets and customer satisfaction.

Are there specific reporting issues you are facing or looking to improve your visibility of their sales teams’ performance? Drop us a note to get a quick demo of SalesWorx and how we can help enhance your teams’ performance.

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