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Chatbots – Explore How Conversational UX Can Work For Customer Satisfaction

Faster service brings in faster results.

eCommerce is changing lives worldwide by making shopping easier than ever before.

Customer satisfaction has always been the highest priority for a business. But with growing number of customers and their requirement for increased responsiveness from your team, the demand on a call center team or support staff is growing and they need to have tools and support to help them in providing the right kind of service, at the right time.

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are computer programs which provide conversation style interactions through text or voice interfaces. They stimulate human like conversations in its natural format, like text or spoken language using artificial intelligence techniques.

With a growing number of frameworks and services, it has become easier than ever to build and deploy chatbots to meet your business requirements. The more challenging activity in building chatbots is the actual context and response modeling which requires regular training and management of the bot’s interactions.

Chatbots can be classified under following 3 major use cases –

– Customer Support Representative behaves like Google assistant and be available 24×7.

– Higher engagement of users, who is looking for your answer & question about your business.

– Predefined the business information for engaging users or generate involving the user in the online sales process.

The very first Chatbots named ELIZA was created by an MIT professor Joseph Weizenbaum in mic 1960s. ELIZA was built using programmed scripts and was conversed by blurting out canned lines in response to certain keywords. However it was not the most effective way to establish communication between human and the computer.

Since then, chatbots have evolved from simple scripts to more advanced version powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) with better sense of realism. Here Machine Learning came into the picture where chatbots started learning from one conversation to the next. The integration of machine learning to support chatbot interactions has helped taken the technology off at a rapid pace with brands and organizations experimenting with and launching chatbots for a variety of customer facing functions.

Beyond the potential for psychological connections, modern technology allows the programs to collect vital information on a grand scale. As chatbots learn from conversing with people, data is stored that can later be referenced and analyzed to identify user interests and trends. As such, the bots effectively create a two-way street between users and companies, making them key to optimal user relations.

Here the question is how bots will bring the profit for your business?

Bots have brought a renaissance to the world of business and customer support. With the help of bots, companies can offer an always available, intelligent agency with whom customers can converse and request information of to address their needs. Bots can be developed, and can be designed to learn as the number of customers interact with them. These automated, artificially intelligent, self learning, and technically equipped bots can help in querying data feeds.

Basic Benefits

  • BOTs will learn from the queries already made and will read the market trends and provide visual aids to customer for educated decision making.
  • Automated BOTs will drastically reduce the manual effort and the overall cost of customer service.
  • No need of separate web space these are hooked with Facebook messenger, website, mobile app or any other platform.
  • Customer database can be easily maintained.
  • Customer Queries can be easily resolved in real time as bots will be available 24×7..
  • BOTs are cost effective as it will manage your multiple customers at a time and will cater to all their personalized queries without much investment of manpower.

Advancement with Bots and AI

Steady adoption of Chatbots across industries is growing over the time. In 2018, we will see more businesses prefer AI and Chatbots to resolve their customer service issues and make AI powered solutions.

By 2020, 85% of all customer queries will be handled without a human intervention. Integrated Chatbots brings highly responsive and speed up interaction with their clients. It is expected that they will replace call centers with standardized communication channels by involving the focus on forward thinking or complex problem solving of businesses.

Businesses are merging with Artificial Intelligence to optimize their workflow, to maximize business growth & increase the profit margin. Every industry and vertical are investing in Chatbots to reach their target customers through conversational access. More and more of the conversations between people and businesses will migrate to messaging platforms. Businesses belong to Real Estate, Retail, Hospitality, Education, Recruitment, Government, Legal, Financial with different business lines are deploying Chatbots to provide all types of data, facts and figures, product information and services walkthrough quickly and effectively.

Companies always have these questions related to Chatbots-

  • What conversions should we get over a Chatbots?
  • Which data access should be allowed over public social channels?
  • Can we test in our website before Implementing?

We believe in developing bots that exceeds our clients’ expectations & work as business booster covering all messaging platforms.

Our experts will help you from very beginning with analysis of your business, form a personalized bot strategy, craft a unique solution, analyze the data access points considering the privacy and security at the same time and providing a training to your team to end with. You can then implement a Chatbots pilot, test ROI, and measure the impact that translates into customer satisfaction. And you will be surprised to see the business impact the BOT can make to your business and ROI.

Chatbots are combination of artificial intelligence and user friendly interface. With this technological advancement, your customers can tap into the potential of what a Chatbots can really do.

We develop a specific plan and strategy for every industry.

  1. Implementing Chatbots data access and actions based on channel and platform.
  2. Ensure Chatbots identification and authentication match the level of data and action.
  3. Giving customer’s most private data and actions by restricting deployment to controllable channels.

Facts & Figure

According to Hubspot, 47% of consumers would buy items from a Chatbots and 57% of consumers are interested in Chatbots for the instant service they provide

Juniper Research predicts that by the year 2020 Chatbots will save businesses 70 cents per customer transaction. This will add up to a total of $8 billion in cost savings globally.

Accenture suggests Chatbots are already able to resolve 80% of customer chat sessions. Because the artificial intelligence bots rely on is capable of learning as it goes, the number of queries being resolved is growing every day.

A survey by Aspect found 71% of consumers are looking to resolve their issues without the help of another person. More than 60 percent of respondents claimed Chatbots are friendly, easy to use and fast.

Eighty percent of businesses want to implement a Chatbots by 2020, but many still face the challenge of gauging the efficacy of the technology.

At present scenario, all industries can look to save money by implementing Chatbots technology that will also keep customer satisfaction at high.

Your business can start using bots today?

  • How Chatbots works in your Business?
  • What conversations are connected to your client?
  • Are they solving the client problems?

Unique Computer Systems has gained experience in building bots for different use cases and can handle the services. Before designing and building any chatbots, we analyze the business use cases presented by our clients and try to assess the products and/or services they are offering to their customers and how the chatbot can help in the customer education and support processes or support the sales activities for those products and services. We also personalize the chatbots solution based on the industry the client belongs to.

Beyond building the chatbot, Unique Computer Systems can help in continued training of the bot and integrating with third party services to raising the intelligence level of the bot. This will connect the dots between the business and the customer and we have successfully done so for many of our existing clients.

Unique Computer Systems can work on developing the bot’s logic and conversations as well as machine learning algorithms

Reach out to us, and get a chatbots proof-of-concept built to help you evaluate the technology and see how chatbots can address your business requirements.

To experience how our chatbots work, engage with them Facebook Messenger or on our messaging services website,

We can help in developing use cases and storyboarding of the bot and enhancing through NLP and AI integration.


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